2017 Missions Conference: One Gospel

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“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16

Purpose of our Conference:

Our church will spend four weeks before the conference on a sermon series entitled “One Gospel.” During those four weeks, we will see one God, one problem of sin, one Savior, and one message to share. When we arrive at our conference, we will be ready to:

  1. Celebrate the truth of the Gospel.
  2. Learn how our partners share the Gospel in their contexts.
  3. Be encouraged and inspired to share the Gospel in our own contexts.


Friday, October 20  //  7-8:30 pm  //   Auditorium & Family Life Center

A Celebration of the Gospel // Worship, Testimonies, & Guest Speaker (Childcare provided for ages 2 and under)
Afterwards, we will enjoy ice cream and fellowship in the FLC.

Saturday, October 21  //  9 am – 1 pm  //  ABF Rooms & Family Life Center

One Gospel, Many Culture // Tour the “World” with Our Partners
Learn how our partners are sharing the Gospel. Afterwards, everyone is invited to lunch in the FLC at 12 pm.

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Saturday, October 21  //  Evening  //  Various Locations

Adult Bible Fellowship Events  // Our ABFs will host our missionaries at their own group events

Sunday, October 22  //  9:15 & 10:45 am  //  Auditorium & Family Life Center

One Gospel  // Guest Speakers & Electives
We will have guest speakers (missionaries) in our services and electives in place of ABFs.


  • Auditorium: Daniel Liberek
  • Family Life Center: Ramazan Arkan
  • Children’s Ministry: Steve & Sue Oswald
  • Bridge Bible Church: John Wiseman, Broken Chains Ministry

Electives at 9:15 am:

  • Room 503: The Gospel & Equipping Others – Andy Rist, Rustam Ibragimov
  • Room 504: The Gospel for Those Who Have Never Heard – Jared & Leah Haynes
  • Room 505/507: The Gospel through Relationships – Jen Srail
  • Room 509: The Gospel and The Persecuted Church – Barnabas
  • Room 510: The Gospel for Students – Pasha Tian, Igor Velicanenco, Esley Patsch

Electives at 10:45 am:

  • Room 503: The Gospel through New Church Plants – Ken Davis, Josh Whitman
  • Room 505/507: The Gospel through Meeting Physical Needs – Setan Lee
  • Room 509: The Gospel for Muslims – GM, Scott Carter

Please plan to meet and greet the missionaries in the Family Life Center afterwards to learn more about their ministries.