Foreign / Overseas Missionaries

Ramazan & Karen Arkan

Ramazan serves as the lead pastor of Antalya Evangelical Church, a disciple-making church in Turkey that is committed to church-planting and evangelism.


Steve & Wilma Bailey

Both Steve and Wilma accepted the Lord as their Savior early in life: Wilma was led to the Lord in the fifth grade by one of her Sunday School teachers, and Steve was twelve years old when he was saved under the ministry of the Christian Service Brigade. In addition to her experience overseas as a child, Wilma spent a summer working with SIM in Niger while in college. After college, Steve worked as an administrator and teacher at a Christian school and taught in a lay-Bible institute. Realizing his need for further training in the Word, Steve enrolled at Grace Seminary in 1982, and it was at this time that God moved Steve and Wilma to become involved in ministry overseas. The land of Argentina caught their attention, and they began preparing to go. The Baileys went to Argentina in 1987, and they are working in a church-planting ministry in Buenos Aires, the capital city. They are members of the Warsaw Community Grace Brethren Church, Warsaw, Indiana. They have three children. Wilma is active in discipling women and youth, and Steve is the Regional Director for Latin America for Grace Brethren International Missions (GBIM). He sees his role as three-fold:

  1. To pastor/mentor/shepherd U.S.-sent missionaries and national church planters through periodic visits, phone calls, and emails. (This aspect takes up the bulk of his time, and requires a lot of travel.)
  2. To actively recruit missionaries from the U.S. and in Latin America to plant churches in Latin America and from Latin America. (There is an exciting and growing missionary movement among their Latin American churches that is wonderful for them to be a part of and help facilitate.)
  3. To pray consistently for the work in and from and to be a model and example of prayer for their staff.


Steve & Wilma Bailey
6365 Glenbrook Drive
Tucker, GA 30084

Eitan & Kaitlin, Holy Land

Stefan & Keren, Holy Land

Eitan & Kaitlin, along with Stefan & Keren, serve with One for Israel ministry for Christ in the Holy Land. They are laboring to reach Jewish-Israeli university students with the Gospel and discipling believing students to do the same. Eitan’s marketing experience and background as a graphic designer uniquely equip him as head of the internet outreach ministry. Eitan & Kaitlin’s labor for the Lord in the Holy Land requires an extra amount of sensitivity due to the existence of a zealous anti-missionary organization.

B & H, South Asia

B&H are serving in South Asia through community development with a desire to see reproducible fellowships established in rural communities across the region.

World Help, Vernon Brewer

World Help exists to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment through partnering, training, helping and serving, especially in the unreached areas of the world. They provide humanitarian aid, child sponsorship, Bible distribution and church planting all over the world.

Contact: Vernon Brewer
World Help
PO Box 501
Forest, VA 24551

Scott Carter, ABWE

Scott is working to identify, resource, and connect future church planters and missionaries in Ukraine and Eurasia.


Mark & Angie H, Middle East – HBC

Their purpose and goal: plant churches in the Middle East that have a desire to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, discipling new believers and equipping them to do the work of ministry (2 Timothy 2:2). Their plan: Learn to communicate through formal Arabic language study, learn to be culturally sensitive and appropriate, build relationships through: teaching English, medical education, medical aid/relief, and business/vocational training.

Jared & Leah Haynes

Jared and Leah serve in Paraguay, learning the language and culture as they will join a church planting team in hopes of establishing a mature church among an unreached tribal group.


Tim & Kathy Heijermans, Luxembourg

Tim is a church planter who pastors Christian Community Church. He and Kathy work to develop leaders and encourage their European colleagues.


Tim & Kathy Heijermans
9, rue de l’ Alzette L-3396 ROESER Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

D & S, Balkans

D & S minister in the Balkans through leadership development, theological education, compassion ministries, and evangelism.

Steve & Shelly Larson, Myanmar – Missio Kaleo

Steve and Shelly Larson are involved in equipping the churches in the Myanmar region through training of pastors and ministers and supporting their efforts. In Bhamo, they are also involved in supporting an orphanage where nearly 90 orphans live. The local churches are not able to fully meet the needs there. The efforts are to first get the orphans into a family who can adopt them as part of their own household. This sometimes requires financial assistance to the family as many are already in poverty themselves. The second initiative is to help fund churches to care for more orphans in their orphanages and hostels on the various church compounds. The Larsons are helping with a training ministry among the Asho Chin. They re-engaged with this Baptist conference of churches to continue the training process with over 25 pastors. The training will take place two times each year for one week, focusing on three short studies that increase understanding of the Word, and the wise and disciplined application of the Word in life and ministry. Their plans include assisting local churches on the China/Myanmar border with the development of present and future leaders for the churches.


Missio Kaleo
c/o Linda Harness
2604 Browning Street
Ames, IA 50010

Setan Lee, Cambodia

Through TransformAsia, Cambodia’s children can gain hope, dignity and a vision for the future through the love of Christ. More than 42 percent of Cambodia’s current population is under 15 years old. It has become common for families to sell young girls and boys into brothels where they are broken down and forced into the country’s pervasive sex trade. Recent surveys indicate that as many as 55,000 girls are trapped in sexual slavery in Cambodia. The problem can seem overwhelming. And there are no easy answers. But TransformAsia is on the front lines in Cambodia, with a range of programs designed to combat this horrific crime against the children of the country. From the feeding program, where 150 hungry children are fed each day, to the David Center Orphanage, which gives safe refuge for children whose parents and families died during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, and the New Development Center, providing skills training and vocational opportunities for girls rescued from brothels, TransformAsia is working to save the victims of sexual abuse, heal their wounds and help highly vulnerable children and their families avoid the trade. To learn more go to

Daniel & Myriam Liberek

Daniel & Myriam serve in Belgium with United World Mission mobilizing and equipping evangelists in French speaking countries. Daniel pastors a church and oversees its multiple social outreaches in Belgium. He also equips and coaches churches towards outreach and growth.

Jeff & Christie Lothamer, England – Greater Europe Mission

Jeff and Christie have a passion for the local church and for producing disciples who make disciples. They began their formal ministries working with students at Cornerstone University, Baptist Bible College, Judson University, and The Moody Bible Institute. From there God led them to develop and grow a small group ministry and serve on the pastoral staff at Harvest Bible Chapel in West Olive, Michigan for five years. God has converged their love for students and the church in this new phase of ministry with GEM. Jeff is gifted in administration and leadership. He holds his MS degree in Eduational Leadership from Wheaton College. Christie has her MS in Counseling Ministries and is gifted in the areas of teaching and counseling. She also has a creative side that she uses in her skills as a graphic designer. Their desire is to plant churches in areas of need. Their deepest joys in life are the three little ones that God has entrusted to their care. Misty Grace, AJ, and Kaci Lynae. Misty and AJ, especially, are excited that God has called them to go to England to be missionaries. They understand that they are a vital part in their family ministry as they seek to live out what a family that is committed to Christ looks like. The next few years will bring a host of challenges and transitions for all of them, so please keep them in your prayers.

Kevin & Allyson Martin, Papua, Indonesia

Kevin and Allyson serve the Tokuni people in Indonesia by evangelizing and teaching God’s word.

Kevin & Allyson Martin Box 334 Wamena 99503
Papua, Indonesia

Brother Benny, Alpha Group of Ministries

Benny serves as the executive director of Alpha Group of Ministries which seeks to reach the unreached and plant churches where none exist by working with native church planters in India and beyond.

G & K – Business as Mission

G & K partner with local church planters to provide passive income through small businesses to enable them to do the work of ministry.

Justin & Lindsay Mitchell, Japan

Justin and Lindsay’s vision is to see God’s glory in Japan by building relationships, making disciples, and planting churches in the Kawasaki/Yokohama region of Japan. They are passionate about engaging the community they live in as a means of making disciples and organizing indigenous churches for His glory.


Remember Nhu, Carl & Laura Ralston

Carl and Laura work through Remember Nhu rescuing children from the sex trade industry throughout the world and meeting their physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs. Remember Nhu’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the exploitation of children in the sex trade industry throughout the world. Four objectives keep us anchored to that vision:

  1. Meeting PHYSICAL NEEDS: A child with little to no shelter, little to no food, and not even basic medial care is a child at risk. Meeting the physical needs of children protects them from the sex trade.
  2. Meeting EMOTIONAL NEEDS: A child disconnected from the loving care of concerned, responsible adults is a child at risk. To grow and nurture children inside the love of a family protects them from the sex trade.
  3. Meeting EDUCATIONAL NEEDS: A child with no economic opportunity is a child at risk. A quality education and/or practical vocational training are the means to this opportunity. When honest, sustained work is an actual possibility, the financial allure of the sex trade industry lessens immensely. Educating children protects them from the sex trade.
  4. Meeting SPIRITUAL NEEDS: A child deprived of any real, lasting hope is a child at risk. When introduced to the incomparable love of Jesus Christ, children are introduced to a new and accurate vision of themselves: that they are of deep, intrinsic, and eternal value. To pastor and nurture children into mature disciples of Jesus Christ protects them from the sex trade.

Visit their website at

John & Rachel Reaser, Mazatlan, Mexico

John and Rachel Reaser are planting churches in Mexico. After working six and a half years with the church plant in San Juan del Rio, the Lord has blessed them with solid leadership capable of carrying on the work of the church. They are thankful for that and are excited about the new direction and projects the Lord has placed on their hearts and in their paths. They are working in partnership with Maranatha Bible Church on developing a network of new church plants on the western coast of Mexico. Their desire is to provide leadership, vision, accountability, training, encouragement and a variety of resources needed to firmly establish these churches. The Reasers are committed to teaching the believers to feed themselves; so they are involved in making written materials available through book stores and the development of a Spanish resource web site. Rachel is involved with a girls orphanage. She does translation when needed, counseling with the girls (dealing with the reality of their past and helping them prepare for the future) and gives short teachings on practical areas of life. They are living in Mazatlan, Sinaloa a large city of 700,000 people.


John & Rachel Reaser
Rio Papagayo # 402 Fracc. Ferrocarrilera (this reaches us directly in Mexico)
Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico Phone: 760-870-4518 (Vonage)

For Financial Contributions:

  • Make checks payable to CMC
  • Attach note stating for ministry of John and Rachel Reaser
  • CMC, P.O. Box 219228, Houston, TX 77218-9228
  • 1-800-262-7729

B & L, Kenya

In order to show the love of Christ, B serves as a surgeon at Kapsowar Hospital and L raises funds to help improve the education of orphans in their area.

Andy & Holly Rist, Kiev, Ukraine

Andy and Holly are serving in Kiev. The seminary expansion project moved forward without delay. The outer shell of the new building is up and it looks very impressive. Also, Kiev Seminary matriculated two classes of students, a group of pastors/church planters and a class of Christian Education students. Andy will teach an Old Testament survey course (Genesis through Esther) to both groups combined, there will be about 45 students at one time . . . now that’ll be a challenge. Then, our church – Light of the Gospel – baptized 5 people including 2 men who came to the church for the first time a few months ago and subsequently trusted the Savior. At this moment go ahead and shout “Hallelujah,” or a hearty “Amen,” wherever you are. We wish to express our deep gratitude for your prayer support. To quote Jim Elliot, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Because of Him, Andy and Holly, Abigail, Drew, and Noah The blood of Jesus “purchased men for God from every tribe and language and people and nation” Rev. 5:9.


Andy & Holly Rist – Kiev, Ukraine
UI. Koshitsa 9, KB 316
Kyiv, 02068 UKRAINE (4 weeks for letter mail only. Package address available upon request.)

Tel: (011-380-44) 575-87-13

Agency: SEND International

Vicente & Ana Ruiz, Mezcales, Mexico

Vicente and Ana Ruiz are working with a church plant in Mezcales, Mexico. This church, Path of Salvation Church, was started through the witness of Steve and Sylvia Slifko leading Vicente and Ana to Christ over a decade ago. Since that time, Steve and Sylvia have gone yearly to Puerto Vallarta to disciple and visit with the Ruiz family. In the last few years it became very evident to Vicente that he was called to be a pastor. This is where Maranatha came into the picture. Through the encouragement of the Slifko’s, pastor Steve met with Vicente and the small group of believers meeting at his home. We entered into a partnership with this group about one year ago, and since have come alongside of them with a mission project in January, 2007 and two return visits. The Path of Salvation Church is growing and is on its way to being an established ministry. In fact, Path of Salvation came alongside of Maranatha in reaching out to the town of Mascota (about two hours inland from Puerto Vallerta). A team of people from both churches went to Mascota in the summer of 2007 and saw God do miraculous things there. We believe a church will be planted in Mascota in the coming years. Please pray for Federico and Luz, two believers that are helping with the follow-up work in Mascota. Federico lives nearby and Luz lives in the town.

Vicente and Ana Ruiz Path of Salvation Church Mezcales, MX

Jen Srail, Cambodia

Since reading God’s Word in high school changed Jen’s life, she went to Baptist Bible College, where she decided to pursue a future in discipling women in truth. From 2001-2010, she was blessed to serve at Maranatha Bible Church, discipling young women and seeing many grow in their relationship with the Lord. She sensed God leading her to Cambodia after a short visit in 2009, arrived in Phnom Penh in 2012, and is teaching life skills, coaching, and discipling young adults in the workplace and her home.


Request access to Jen’s blog:

Igor & Kristina Velicanenco, Moldova

Igor Velicanenco was born in Moldova. His life was problematic due to circumstances in his early childhood and poor decisions throughout his teen years. He came to Christ in 1992 following an early release from prison and a vow to God to serve Him if he were released. Igor wanted to learn more about God, so he became a student at the Doneck Christian College where he met his wife Kristina. Kristina became a believer through one of her friends who invited her to church. When they graduated, they went back to Moldova and did ministry in a church in Transnistria for five years. Kristina and Igor had a passion to share the Gospel with young people because God had changed their lives when they were young. It was their desire to see other people’s hearts changed as well. In 2005 they joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ and spent four years doing ministry in the Economic Academy of Moldova. They recently moved back to Transnistria and are very encouraged by how hungry for God people there are. They are involved in church planting there.


Joshua & Sara Whitman, Italy

Josh and Sara are working with Italian Ministries USA, a growing field-based network of like-minded missionaries in and from Italy. The aims for this organization are:

  1. To do all that is possible to facilitate the spread of the Gospel in Italy.
  2. To provide support structures to assist missions to and from Italy.
  3. To facilitate the developing of a vision for mission in Italian Evangelical churches.

Italian Ministries USA is particularly committed to facilitating fellowship, communication and collaboration between those involved in missions and to creating the opportunity for Italian missionaries to have their own identity within a mission structure based and operated within Italy.

Contact: Joshua & Sara Whitman