Special Missions Project 2017

We try not to take for granted all of the ways God has blessed us. From the church building we enjoy each week, to the roofs over our heads, and especially the Bibles we own, God has given us all that we need. In light of His goodness, would you consider being a part of our 2017 Special Missions Project? We want to bless our partners with tools to be used for serving the people in their ministry.

We can be excited to know that giving in this way will have an impact both locally and globally. We can share in what God is doing in Ohio, Guatemala, Ghana, and China.

On Sunday, November 26, our offering will go towards these projects. Please pray and consider how you would like to help. We are stretching ourselves this year as this project is larger than any our church has ever aspired to reach. Any amount will help. Thank you for your giving!

Give Now!


House of Hope Housing Pod – Ghana, West Africa
The House of Hope is growing! We are excited to support their expanding campus by building dormitories for the kids there.

Project total: $15,000

Total Village Transformation – Tecuiz, Guatemala
In our third year of blessing this village, our team will construct a church building in October of 2018.

Project total: $22,000

Refuge of Hope Ministry Center – Canton, OH
This ministry for the hungry and homeless in Canton has outgrown their current facility! We are glad to help them reach their goals for a new one that will better meet their needs.

Project total: $30,000

Chinese Church Planter Training
Pastors Butch Pursley and Bruce Rosa will be leading a conference for Chinese underground pastors in Thailand in Spring of 2018, and an important part will be teaching them how to use MacArthur Study Bibles we are providing.
Training: $30,000 + Bibles: $3,000

Project total: $33,000

Total: $100,000

Please consider how the Lord wants you to be involved:

  • Donate $25 for a Chinese Study Bible
  • Donate $100 towards the House of Hope housing pod
  • Donate $500 to sponsor a Chinese church planter to attend the training
  • Donate $1,000 towards the Refuge of Hope facility or Tecuiz church building
  • Donate any amount and it will help bless our partners


Contact Nathan Kurcsak: 330.645.2681 or nathan@mbc95.org