10:45 ABFs

What is an ABF?

ABF stands for Adult Bible Fellowship. Sometimes the church can seem large and it’s hard to get to know other people. ABFs are a way to learn about God’s word together in a smaller setting; one small enough to make friends in. ABFs meets weekly on Sunday mornings throughout the church. There are many to choose from, so we are confident you can find one that’s right for you!

ABIDE, Room 502

Eli Hochstetler

Our challenge is to live in this world – not as the world. We do this when He abides in us and we ABIDE in His Word. (1 John 2:24)

New Horizons, Room 503

Dennis Shawhan

Dennis Shawhan will host a series of studies beginning with a series on obedience. First will be a series on God’s Storyline: A study of the Old & New Testaments. We will also cover topics such as God’s attributes, Bible doctrines, and spiritual gifts. If you are not currently in an ABF, we welcome you to join us for community, learning, and service.

Room 504

Mike Bates

Do you enjoy interactive, thought-provoking Bible study? Would you like to learn to see life from God’s perspective? Would you like to know God more intimately? We offer these things, plus prayer and fellowship. Come join us!

SALT, Room 505

Don Rohrbacher

The SALT class places an emphasis on teaching of the Bible with application to practical living. They desire a sense of community through mutual sharing, acts of kindness, fellowship, meeting the needs of one another, and opportunities to work together for the Lord. Their class name helps them remember these principles:

  • Season the world with
  • Acts of kindness
  • Language that edifies
  • Today and tomorrow


Room 509

Dave Duma

It’s easy to live the Christian life when we are in church. Learn how God wants us to live the Christian life Monday through Saturday at home and in the work place to draw people into His Kingdom. Sermon-based studies are designed to help us to better understand and then apply Sunday morning sermons in our daily lives.